After a long afternoon in the garden (in both rain and freezing wind), my husband and I could snuggle on the couch watching old seasons of Entourage and licking our wounds.

“I feel like making scones.”

“It’s after 11 at night,” he said.

“Scones are easy.”

So this is how I can sit down past midnight and tuck in to my 3rd hot date scone, smothered with butter. Yes, scones are the easiest things in the world to bake, but the problem is that fresh scones are also very addictive and before you know it you’ve eaten 3 cups of flour and half a pound of butter.

At this rate I will never look like the women on Entourage, but then nobody really does…


It’s been a tough week all round, and I’ve hidden a bit behind the political stuff.

We are one the threshold of starting the house build. The plans are final, the consents are done, the construction is scheduled to start in 9 days, the deposit invoice has arrived. And therein lies the problem. When we went back to the mortgage broker to draw down the first part of the building loan, we got told “the rules have tightened… you’re no longer meeting our terms”. All of which (understandably) scares the fuck out of us.

We are working on it with the broker – trying to jump through a whole lot more hoops in order to get this deal back on track. However, from our side, it seems grossly unfair. We are on budget and the valuation at least matched what we’re spending. There’s no reason for the bank to suddenly get scared… and they gave us an offer months ago which we’d accepted. How the hell can they back out now?

I guess it all goes to underline my point this week though: things are tougher than they may appear. We have worked hard to get some land under us, but we’re also very much on the borderline of what equity the banks will accept. We’re just not rich enough.

But it’s impossible to get rich if no one gives you a chance.

I still wouldn’t vote for Trump, but I can definitely sympathize with the notion that the system is rigged against us.


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