It’s another early start tomorrow. Conferences.

I don’t like corporate gigs. Sure, they’re uncomplicated and all run to a dull formula, but they also tend to start at Stupid a.m. and I spent too much of my life doing live shows to be able to walk and talk (and pretend to be happy) at 7 in the morning. My brain just never wants to go to sleep early.

Actually, sleeping pills would be great tonight. This is the second night in a row with a sleepless agitation and an early start. The clock keeps ticking. The countdown of sleep-able hours just adds more pressure and, in itself, helps ward off sleep. 6 hours. 5 hours. 4 hours. I hate everything in the world by now.

Tomorrow I will chug gallons of coffee and sugary lemonade in order to stay awake. I will stumble and forget things and bump into doorways. I might snap at someone or be less than slobberingly friendly. Eventually, I will want to cry.

Yay. Conferences.


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