Insomnia. Two.

This week has four nights in a row stacked like this. I am opening the venue on Monday through Thursday. What is today? Today is Tuesday. So (counting on fingers) two more half-sleepless nights to go.

At least the rain has stopped for the moment. It certainly didn’t help with the sleeping last night…

My life is becoming like the opening sequence to Fight Club. Watching an Ikea catalogue come to life. Shopping is mindless and soothing. My stomach is in pieces.

I must shop for yogurt. And probiotics. And Omeprazole. And the balm of sympathy.

My hands are covered in scuffed, fraying Band Aids. Roses. Cats who got frightened. A chunk taken out of my thumb by the damn drape stands. I knew it. Saw it before. Told it before it happened. Told him that it was okay. Not his fault. I am clumsy and they bite.

Like bad poetry. Only sleepier.


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