What Happens when I Leave the Bale of Pea Straw out in the Rain

What with the bad weather, the long work hours, and the fact we spent last weekend working on this garden and not that garden, it felt like ages since we’d been up to the section to see how things are growing. I was quite worried that, with the strong winds we’ve been having, I would find the (empty) water tank blown halfway to the sea.

So when I finally managed to get the last conference out the door, and walked out of the venue at 3:15pm, there was only one thing on my mind: I must drive up to check on the section while it’s still daylight. 30 minutes later, I crested the ridge above our little peninsula, where the wide vista to the harbor suddenly opens up and you can see right out to the Sky Tower and One Tree Hill, and there was literally a rainbow hanging down low over our land. And all was right with the world again.

The water tank was fine too. We may not have a mortgage, but at least we have a water tank.

The weather over the past couple of weeks is the worst it’s been all year, so I was really relieved to find our plants were all still alive and growing. Some of the manuka and the smallest toe toe have been a bit scorched by the cold wind, but the manuka has actually started to bloom in places, which is lovely. The pukas are probably suffering the most in the wind, but this is just because they are broadleaf trees and their leaves are getting bashed to pieces. Eventually the house itself will protect them from the westerly, but in the meantime I will have to try and give them a better windbreak to offer some relief.

August is meant to get worse before it gets better, so we shall see how everything copes. But before I am back to work there is sleep to be had…

Ah… Finally a Saturday when I can sleep in…


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