Quiz Night

The husband dragged himself out of his sick bed just so I didn’t have to go alone. He’s good like that.

The fact is, it was a fundraiser quiz for a theater trust and I’d made the commitment to an old friend/colleague several weeks ago. It was always going to be an expensive night: about $40 for gas, just under $200 for tickets, plus dinner. With the whole mortgage situation at the moment, we can hardly afford it. But it was charity, and I’m a big believer in helping others out even when we’re hard up.

We joined up with a team that (it turns out) didn’t include my friend. However, there was a local soundie who I’ve worked with on many gigs, and his wife, and a couple of their friends. A vaguely awkward combo to latch onto, but it was still an enjoyable night. I always get friendly-competitive about these things and, despite being the smallest (and clearly least bejeweled) team, we didn’t lose. Rob and I could answer around half the questions but apparently nobody at our table watches Game of Thrones, which was a disadvantage.

Still, we added up the tables and concluded that there was around $8000 of fundraising sitting in the room, plus drinks. Not a bad night for a small trust, and as the host pointed out we could now all call ourselves “patrons of the arts”.

Next time I’ll wear the fur stole and rattle my jewelry.


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