Make America Brannigan

“You can dish it out but you can’t take it!”

Hmm, ok.

a) What exactly am I dishing out?

b) What you have offered is a unsolicited meme calling Hillary Clinton a “turd”. Have I posted a meme on any of your posts? Have I called anyone a turd? Have I made any reference to Clinton at all?

c) I have no idea who the fuck you are.

d) I have thus far shown no indication that I cannot “take it”.

It seemed a puerile argument.

I had posted a link on Facebook (on my own page) about the fact that Futurama voice actor, Billy West, had started recording Donald Trump quotes in the voice of Zapp Brannigan. It has the hashtag of #makeamericabrannigan. If you are a fan of Futurama, you will hopefully understand how hilarious this could be. Brannigan is a pompous braggart on the show, but not an evil character. It’s clearly meant as a gently mocking satire of Trump, but I think you’d have to be overly sensitive (or completely misinformed about the show) in order to find it offensive.

Two comments in, a complete stranger posted the aforementioned meme on my post.

I questioned whether he generally went around posting memes on strangers’ pages, and pointed out that this was an odd thing to do. No offense taken on my part, just a general curiosity as to how and why somebody completely un-linked to me would bother. He would have to seek my post out in some way. It’s a bit like eavesdropping on someone’s conversation in a public place, and then interjecting a random, shouted catchphrase. My first assumption would be that he’s mentally ill or perhaps generally unskilled in social interactions. Again, no offense taken, but can I offer you some assistance bro? Do you need someone to teach you a better way to communicate with others?

Apparently this meant that I couldn’t “take it”. I guess that’s the defensive bastion of an emotional person faced with a rational argument. He’s all in a tizzy and wants to insist that he’s hurt my feelings so that he can claim some success. What twit ever said that men were logical and women were emotional? I’m bemused and a bit curious, while this man is clearly having a hissy fit for a completely self-inflicted reason.

I said that I honestly could not recall ever having posted a meme on some stranger’s post, but I wasn’t ruling it out, so if he could link to an instance of me having done so then I would look into it.

He fell into silence. Possibly still trying to convince himself that he’d inflicted some damage to my psyche. Possible just unable to “take it”.

And it’s a shame really, because I’d quite welcome the chance to have a civil discussion about why he finds Trump so appealing (and yet so fragile) that he feels the need to defend him from bystanders like me. I’m really, genuinely curious as to what exactly people think Clinton has done that is so wrong. All I’ve heard so far is “Grr, Bengazi!” (I actually can’t see what exactly she did wrong there) and “Grr, emails!” (ditto). Please feel free to direct me to a reasoned, well-supported argument about her crimes (please, no shouty, highly-emotive nonsense). I’m not convinced that she’s a perfect candidate in any way, but I genuinely don’t understand why people think she should be in prison.

Somehow this seems to be the Clinton Trope. There are accusations or wrongdoing, long (and expensive) investigations, but a distinct lack of charges or convictions. Some take that as proof that they’re gaming the system, while others take that as proof that they haven’t done anything wrong. I prefer to sit on the fence until I see solid evidence either way. So far, all the evidence I’ve seen is pointing towards “possibly foolhardy but not criminal”.

… Oh, jeez, it’s my thesis all over again. I set out thinking Bill Clinton was wrong about his “enemies” and actually ended up proving him right. Dammit.



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