I was granted the extension on my assignment, which is great news because (one conference down) I’m exhausted.

Has anyone seen one of these before? Because I’ve had three of them pop up in the past month, and one on my back is quite large.

 DermNet NZ

It’s a dermatofibroma, which is basically like a little benign tumor in the skin that leaves a nasty scar. I’ve had them show up before, and they tend to be more common in immuno-suppressed people. It’s most likely a sign that my immune system is getting knocked around by all of the stress we’ve been through, or that my hypothyroidism is getting worse. Or both. Either way, it’s also probably a sign that I need to ask for some time off from work to recover my health and sanity.

Still haven’t reached a conclusion on the mortgage though. Still waiting to see what our new broker can do with settling a loan for the tattered remains of our house project.



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