Adventures with Chicken

Tonight was my first evening home in 9 days, and I was (bizarrely) jonesing to make dinner. Since Rob is addicted to KFC, and if our mortgage one day comes through then we’ll be living about 45 minutes away from the nearest outlet, I decided that it was a good opportunity to try the leaked KFC recipe that’s been floating around the internet. I don’t know if I’d get sued for sharing the recipe, but it’s on the link.

For the record, I have never ever breaded and deep fried chicken before. It does seem like a bad thing to do to perfectly good chicken. However, I’m always open to new learning and stuff, so why not give it a try?

Well, the prep took an hour for a start. That’s quite a bit longer than I’d usually spend prepping dinner, but a lot of it is just leaving the chicken to sit around so I could do other things too. I also don’t have a Dutch oven, but I figured a wok would suffice. The temperature of the oil turned out to be key (not too hot), and they really weren’t kidding when it said to fry the chicken for 15-18 minutes. I pulled the drumsticks out after 12 minutes and they were still pink around the bone. Back they went.



End result? It looked like KFC. Tasted a lot like it too, just without the MSG. If I made it again, I’d cut down the white pepper by a third as that was the only bit that didn’t taste quite right. Yes, it’s deep fried chicken, so Cookie Monster would not describe it as an Every-Day Food, but it was actually pretty good. The best part was, unlike real KFC, it didn’t give me a horrible stomach ache afterwards. Plus KFC doesn’t serve pinot gris.


Final score: 8/10. Difficulty: 3 spoons.



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