Wedding Music

It’s been a while since I closed a wedding. Most of the time my wedding shifts are 10am-11pm or so. If I have to stay until the bar and venue closes, that usually tacks on another 90 minutes. And it’s a painful 90 minutes when you’ve literally been on your feet since breakfast.

However, our barman had to go home early after slicing his hand pretty badly. He was polishing a glass and it broke, cutting his finger right down to the tendons. So he went to A&E for stitches and I stuck around and cleaned up his blood. All over the floor. On the fridge. On the sink. In the glasswasher. Be an Event Manager, they said. It’s fun and glamorous, they said.

Plus the couple’s first dance was to Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran, which I’m sure is a lovely moment for them but which has been used by virtually every couple for the past two years. I’ve heard that song enough times that it makes me want to drive a spike through my brain. You’re all very nice people, but using mason jars and sawn wood and Ed Sheeran does not make you an original bride.

Now that I’m home and finally sitting down, my bad knee has decided to swell up and throb (it’s become unaccustomed to weddings over the winter). We should find out how our barman is tomorrow.

The drive home called for another kind of wedding music. Our wedding music. About clinging to one another despite adversity…

It’s still romantic.




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