Nearly There

Am I nearly there?

I’m going to keep telling myself that I’m nearly there.

Despite going back to work today, I’m now up to over 5000 words in my assignment. I’ve created 15 tables, graphs and supporting pictures. I’ve put together a ginormous Gantt diagram. I’ve finished the two largest sections of the task, which just leaves me with the Project Proposal to do. Probably 2000-2500 words left to go. Due on Thursday… And I have a 12-hour shift at work tomorrow, juggling two conferences and set-up for a gala dinner.


I can’t even pull and all-nighter tomorrow because I have a long shift on Thursday as well.

But at least our barman also came back to work today – armed with a medical certificate and a Band Aid on his finger. It was pretty much the least injured he could possibly look. After all the blood on Sunday night, I am very relieved.

But this is also wasting good assignment/work/sleeping time. I’ll be so happy when Thursday has come and gone and there is no more I can do on this damn assignment.

Of course, the next one is due in September…



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