Bad Thyroids Suck

For whatever reason, and despite all my best intentions, it was a struggle to even go grocery shopping today.

I made a list. Kept checking it, then wandering between the aisles, then checking it again, then completely forgetting why I’d gone into this aisle or that, then checking it again, then having the look in the cart and see whether I’d got some things already. My track around the store was probably doing loops and zigzags for a mile. And it was so crowded and noisy. I think I got maybe 2/3 of the stuff on my list, but I was just staring at my list like it was a cipher that only occasionally made sense. All I wanted to do was go home and sleep. So that’s what I did. I drove home with the gas light flashing and my parking brake on.

I probably shouldn’t be driving on days like this, but I’m trying to hold everything together.

Given how little relief I’m getting from sleep, it’s temping  for me to just increase my Thyroxin dosage by myself and wait it out. Any change that I make will take about 6 weeks before I feel the effect, and it will mean that I run out before my repeat prescription is due, but at least I may be able to prove a point to my doctor.

The point being that I’m stubborn and take things into my own hands when I’m not getting the answers I want.





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