Ma Belly

Despite all the best intentions, my garden will have to forgive me for another 24 hours or so. The rain was coming in sideways and I was still way too tired.

However, even though I’ve spent close to 3 days completely inert, our kitties are still around to make me feel appreciated (kind of). At the very least, they are currently climbing all over me, smooching and licking, because I’ve re-awoken after 4:30am and they think it’s time for Early Breakfast. Or they are testing to see if I’m alive and if they can start eating me. They are still half-wild and avoid anyone other than me and Rob, so no one would believe just how cuddly they can get and much they weirdly love their tummy scratches (without over using them as a staging point for an attack). Most cats are front-end only when it comes to scratching.

In fact (just to prove that they really do adore belly scratches) I took a time-lapse sequence of the blissful expression on Scrappy’s face, as he writhed around on the blanket kneading the air… and then how he looked when I stopped scratching him.

I know my place.

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