Truthfully, I thought they’d died.

I planted them very late – June – and the bulbs had already started to dry out and go moldy in the bag. I’d planted a load of ixias at the same time, but they quickly shot up with green tops – very happy to be in the ground, despite the late start. Yet the tulips sat and sulked, with no sign of life at all. So I’d presumed that they were tulips no more, and were slowly turning themselves into compost. Imagine my surprise to return to the section today and see not only leaf tips but emerging purple flowers.

Jeez, now I’ll have to go back and do more work next week so that I can enjoy the blooms. Otherwise they will just be wasted on… well, on the neighbors.

Still, this afternoon was going to be all about potatoes. And yams. And shallots. And garlic. Just buried stuff, really. Very late, very underground things.

Rob is on his second week of work at his new job – and it’s 12-hour shifts with four days on and four days off. Yet despite having just done four 12-hour days, he took his first rest day of this week to come and give me a hand with the garden, bless him. He cleared the weeds while I followed up with the fertilizer and taters. I packed the beds pretty tight, so hopefully they crowd out the weeds. It was actually a very nice way to spend the afternoon together.

And in general I’m pretty chuffed with how few plants we’ve lost (2) and how well most things seem to be coping with a full month of neglect. Some are suffering a bit from wind burn, like the date palm and Puka below:

But others (like the Manuka and ruby broom) are getting their feet under them and starting to flower:

Overall, I’m very hopeful about seeing all our hard work really start to prosper over the spring and summer.

Plus, yams. Yams and potatoes for the Christmas table. 2017. Maybe.

At the very least, there will be food available when we move in… someday.




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