The cold wind has been absolutely howling in off the sea since early afternoon, and I just spent 12 hours out in it, dragging equipment from building to building.

We have a golf buggy which we use to help move stuff between different venues, but it got so much use today that the battery went flat tonight when I was halfway up the hill, so we had to push it the rest of the way up. Two conferences, each running multiple events in different places -it was always going to be one of those days.

Thursday will be better (hopefully). Friday will be worse. I will be finishing after 3am on Friday. And then Saturday has another wedding… which has been arranged at such late notice that I currently know nothing about it.

Well, I guess that’s not entirely true – I know they’re coming to our venue to have a wedding. Number of guests, equipment, contractors, decorations, times, menu, bar tab… all of these are just minor details, right? They should really give me some information about what they’re expecting, or else I’ll just get creative. Their table centerpieces may end up being festive Christmas tractors at this rate. Their bar tab will only cover tomato juice, and for dinner everyone will get the vegan-option chocolate cake. If I have to make everything up for their wedding, I will be very silly and just pretend that everyone wants this stuff. What do you mean you didn’t like the polka band? It’s our most popular music for weddings!

Must be time for bed, methinks. My toes are frozen. My hair is a wind-blown mess. And my black sense of humor is beginning to run away with me. Bloody conferences.





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