Small Talk About Weather

Now that it’s September (and Spring), that freezing southerly blast we missed all Winter has decided to descend upon us. Naturally. I awoke this morning to hear that it was snowing in Wellington (very rare) and got home to hear that it had also been snowing on Pirongia (also rare, just further north).

Of course, when people say “snow” they really mean more like “snuh” – just a dusting of white so translucent that you can still see through it. But still, it’s rare. And it’s cold. If the same tiny snowfall swept across Auckland, people would lose their minds. Just like they did five years ago. To put it in a Northern Hemisphere perspective, it would be like getting snow in Greece (which also happens) or San Francisco (that happens sometimes too). The latitudes are similar.

So now that it’s a wee bit cold (and still very windy), everyone thinks they’re dying and all anyone wants to talk about is the weather. The wind has managed to damage one of the sliding doors at work (knocked it out of its frame) and also thwarted all my efforts to fix it (I could barely hold onto it, the wind is that strong). So we have taken the freezing gale outdoors and brought a lick of it indoors, at least when you’re sitting in the draft. Of course, one conference group wanted to sit in the draft and then blame me for the cold. Like we broke the door on purpose, just to make their lives unhappier. “Trust me, it’s warmer over on that side of the room.” “No we want to sit here for the view.” Well really, what do you expect me to be able to do about the weather?

I have a 14-hour shift tomorrow, with a lot of (potentially) drunk lawyers. Yay.

All I can say is that the door better get fixed. Although maybe the cold will make them all want to go home and go to bed a bit quicker. Maybe. Hopefully they don’t just decide to stay inside and fortify themselves with whiskey instead.





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