The Price to Pay for Murder

There must be something wrong when the key achievement of your day is figuring out how to make SkyGo work. And only because you forgot to watch the rest of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None on TV on Sunday, and you want to know who the killer is.

Ah, motivation. It’s sufficient to even make me brave the wilds of Sky TV’s customer liaison. Lord knows if our internet service wasn’t such a slow, patchy monstrosity then I would never bother with Sky TV in the first place. This is the sad nature of rural internet connections in New Zealand. It makes online TV impossibly expensive.

I don’t know quite how much money I just spent to watch a 2-hour video online. Maybe $20. It would have been cheaper to wait until it came out on DVD, but that would have meant delayed gratification and that’s not what the internet is about.

One day (maybe) capitalism will work to the laws of supply and demand.The commercial forces of the world will align and we as consumers will be able to watch whatever shows we want, whenever we want, and for a reasonable price. Even in little old New Zealand, home of the “Sorry this video cannot be played in your region”. It’s already true in bits of this country, and with some shows. Heck, I’d even be happy to pay for the video online, if only the cost of the download wasn’t added to our internet package as well.

… Grumble. Grumble. Just want to know whodunnit…




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