Spring is in the air

Our clutch of freesias by the front door is just divine. And now that the days are getting longer, I can come home from work, open up the doors to the evening air, and catch the scent of freesias from the couch. I have already decided that the freesias will be planted somewhere close to the new house, just because they are already making my spring happier and I’ll carry that memory forward with them.

Some of you may remember Baby Fish from back in March.

We got some female dwarf gouramis in December (to keep the boys company), and one pair started breeding. Within a few weeks, I was really thrilled to see a new little resident of our tank. Here’s what our baby gourami looked like back when I first spotted him:

Baby fish

We did actually get another hatchling, but this first one was the only one to survive. Anyway, 6 months on, here’s what he looks like now:


He’s definitely not a baby anymore, and must be called Juvenile Adolescent Fish now. He’s maybe 50% of the size of the adults (that’s his mother in the weed behind him), and has this week started to move from a drab silver color to a stripy orange flush with a blue dorsal fin. I could find nothing on the internet about how to sex young dwarf gouramis, but I am confident that the change in color should mean that he’s a boy… which I hope is true, since his father just died. 😦

It’s been very sad to lose one of our little gourami family (they weren’t in the same tank) and we’re now left with two adult females and one adult male. Hopefully this young man continues to grow, and eventually becomes as friendly as his dad. The other male is useless when it comes to breeding – not interested in building a nest at all – and the ladies are getting frustrated.

I will probably have to separate him from his mother soon though. As I said to our cats when we first got them and Eva went into heat (at 5 months old!), I won’t put up with incest babies in my house.

Juvenile Fish should count himself lucky that he just has to move house. Eva had to go to the vet for a little operation.


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