Out of the Darkness

The cats may know that daylight savings started tonight. I fell asleep on the couch (as usual) and they woke me up with persistent smooching and claws at 4:30am… only now it’s 5:30am, so virtually breakfast time. How could they know this? Now they have settled to just lying all over me and pinning me down so that I can’t get up without disturbing them. Just in case I try to sneak away, I guess.

It’s still very dark outside. It will take a while to become re-accustomed to leaving for work in the dark.

It took quite a while to write that last post, but overall the rest of my weekend will be very dull. It’s raining. I have another course assignment to do. I’ll be tied to the computer for a few days (and probably tired and grumpy and stressed, just like last time).

So of course, I’ve been procrastinating by enjoying The Guardian’s collection of stories about vaginas. I’ve added my sketch to the Wall of Vulvas (won’t tell you which one is mine). My sex-nerdery doesn’t come out much on this blog, but I do love reading stories like these, if only because they are so basic that I can grumble “What do you mean people can’t identify a labia majora? They should be able to label the anterior fornix, or the Skenes glands, or the perimetrium. Jeesh!” And, as many others under the have pointed out, women don’t pee out of their vagina… unless you have a tear after giving birth, in which case you need surgery. I do dearly love teaching people about how all their bits work, and am constantly amazed by how little most people know. It’s like not understanding what your stomach does. So sad.

One day I’ll have to go back to having a job where I get teach people about their genitals. So sad.



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