Chewing Cardboard

The heavy rain has been washing in all day, so I’m quite glad that I had homework to do. If I’d had plans for the garden, they would never have happened in this weather.

However, I actually made some surprisingly good progress on my course assignment (despite all my procrastination) and am almost hopeful that I’ll be able to hand this one in on time this week. Unlike the last one. Of course, it all depends on how much paid work I have thrown at me this week, and whether I can come home every night with enough energy to get some more writing done.

Tonight is a bad example. I’m struggling to hold my eyes open. My writing is bland and as dull as cardboard… after a whole day of writing stuff that’s as dull as cardboard. And reading texts that are worse. God forgive anyone who writes a business textbook which isn’t full of mind-melting jargon.

I’ve certainly read my fair share of dense and difficult texts before. On my first time through I did an Arts degree, for heaven’s sake! I’ve read Foucault and Proust. Nobody understands Proust. He’s the king of reading and re-reading a sentence four times over, and then staring at it blankly for a minute until the sense finally starts to reveal itself. But at least those guys knew how to write. It strikes me that business textbooks are written by people who really don’t have the foggiest idea what they’re on about, so they just invent acronyms and cram them all together with a few verbs in between.

… “The CV of the EVA is calculated by withdrawing the BCWP against the ACWS.” …

This is meant to teach me something? Oh go fuck yourself.


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