Someplace Else

More progress on my assignment. Not as much as I’d hoped but…

It’s just so nice coming home from work when it’s still daylight. I can sit out on the deck, or at least with the windows open. The birds are out. The freesias and bluebells are in bloom. Knowing that the sun is still up when I need to be thinking about dinner… that just feels so good. I don’t know why we don’t have daylight savings all year round.

Seriously, why don’t we? Why not add a little bit more sunshine to our winter evenings?

I did have an ultrasound on my thyroid today. It’s the fourth one I’ve had, but the last one was three years ago. I already know that there are nodules in my thyroid, but they are looking for changes.

The lady who was giving me the scan was very chatty and friendly initially. She took two or three pictures. Then she moved over to the right side of my neck and suddenly got very quiet. She took LOTS of pictures of that side. Then she took some of the left side, and then she checked my lymph nodes. She reassured me that my lymph nodes looked normal. Somehow, it was obvious that she wasn’t saying everything.

In the end, she said there’s a large nodule on the right side of my thyroid – but certainly not the largest or worst she’s seen, and she didn’t think it looked sinister “but I’m not a specialist”. She said that she’ll send through her scans, they’ll compare it to my old ones, and I should hear back on Thursday.

It was ok. I already knew that it was worse on the right-hand side, so I’m actually not thinking that the specialist will freak out about it. This, of course, doesn’t necessarily solve my problem. In fact, no news is probably the worst news. Because that also means no answers…

So… ok, but also slightly melancholy and wistful tonight… Wishing there was someplace else to go…




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