Got an old coat for a pillow

Well, I got it done. Still not really sure how, but hopefully it’s good enough to pass.

It has been a grinding day in so many different ways. Started out badly and just kept plummeting in that same direction. My husband admitted just how much he hates his new job. I might have to fire somebody tomorrow. And right now it seems like everyone is snapping at me like I’m a horrible person.

My morale is low. I’ve begun the realize just how destructive the last three months have felt. I hit that point in late June where I was really let down by my boss and started hating my job… and that’s when everything went grey and (except for the garden) pretty much stayed that way.

So of course I’ve washed up on the shores of the internet again. Looking for some kind of meaning in anything.

YouTube has found this little forgotten jewel for me…

Ah yes. Back when they knew how to market good-looking young men to teenage girls. More lingering shots of his torso please.

I seem to recall this was back in that year when Jon Bon Jovi found an abandoned ’50s drive-in that happened to just randomly be on top of a mesa… which isn’t even flat like a carpark, even if you could get a car up there without the use of a helicopter. And where would the power supply come from? Or the food for the concession stand? It all made perfect sense.

In retrospect, I bet that was a surprisingly expensive video to make. Because, you know, helicopters.

Life experience ruins everything again.


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