It’s kind of like waking up into the same day, and then wondering if you just dreamed the last 24 hours. I’m back on the couch. Once again, I have an hour until my alarm. Once again, there is a conference to manage. Once again, I’m feeling very disheartened about my job. Once again, I’m reading the same news and can’t find anything to write about. The only possible difference is that it’s now raining. A lot.

Good thing that I went up to the section after work last night and picked some of my flowers. I figured that it was a bit of a waste if I only saw them for those brief times that we’re working up there, and we didn’t get to enjoy them every day. But the rain will be battering them to pieces right now.

So I’ve found my way back to You Tube, where I can watch videos about people who make a living by farming very small plots of land. So I could quit my job and just garden all the time… And go back to dreaming…


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