Shed Works Good in the Rain

Someone posted an interesting observation on Facebook tonight. With all of the flack that Trump is now receiving from the media, and his supporters are receiving online, how many people are now just keeping their heads down and not mentioning who they support? I think he’s quite right to ask, and I think that the vote will be a lot closer than polls are currently predicting. When you’re alone with your own thoughts in a voting booth, you’re not answerable to anybody else… Plus, as I said many moons ago, people like an underdog. The Brexit vote had pre-vote polls showing a strong lead for remaining. Yet the referendum pivoted on the people who went into the booth and voted to exit (many probably thinking that they wouldn’t win) quite simply because it was a protest vote against the establishment. Trump will no doubt get the same swell.

However, I’ve had enough of talking about politics for the week.


In the middle of all my ranting this week, I have actually managed to get some work done. And not just boring event work. I planted some fruit trees and generally tidied up the new section. And during the rain showers, I could sit in the new shed and have a snack. 🙂

It’s still so heartening to see the spring growth coming on well. My potatoes are all growing like mad. The strawberries are too. The rhubarb has bounced back (at least for now). The boysenberries are already starting to creep, so I’ll need to think about how to restrain them pretty soon. The shallots and garlic and yams have all poked their heads up.



The beautiful puka trees, which had been so badly damaged by the wind, are now in plastic sleeves and are coming back with lots of waxy new leaves.



The little baby clumps of toe toe are now looking like… well bigger clumps of grass.


However, this is a good thing, since eventually they will need to look like these very big clumps of grass:



Even the daffodils, which I neglected so badly, have exploded into flower. It’s remarkable since I only found a place and time to plant them back in September! Here’s how they looked on 6th Sept, and how they look now, just five weeks later…




Since we are still combating the wind, I have doubts that any of my new trees will bear fruit this year. The blossoms are lasting only hours, but all the new growth gives me hope for next year…

Even if we can’t get everything else sorted, at least our garden will bloom.


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