It’s our first wedding anniversary, but of course (since it’s a Saturday in wedding season) I had to work. And Husband had to work too. Last night I made him swear that he wasn’t doing anything special to surprise me, because I’d just feel bad if I came home after 13 hours at work and I hadn’t had time to do anything for him. Instead I came home to a smile and a cuddle, which is more than enough.

There’s an old wedding tradition that you’re supposed to keep part of your wedding cake and eat it together on your first anniversary… which probably worked better when people used fruit cake, but nobody does that anymore. In any case, our wedding cake was made of cheese, so we probably could have kept it for a year but it would have tasted very different. So instead I bought home a couple of the left over bits of cake from tonight’s wedding, just so Husband and I could sit together and open our wedding time capsule, read the messages from our friends, and eat somebody else’s cake.

Big romantic gestures are nice and they have their place, but tonight I’m just so happy to come home to my loving husband and a pair of warm arms. It’s the best wedding anniversary I’ve ever had.


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