Petty Frustrations

Two weddings done for the week and I woke up in the wee hours of the morning under a pile of kitties. Scrappy was doing his usual thing of alternately licking and clawing at my face in order to get my attention. Gomez was loudly purring and nuzzling in the way that he only is when the lights are off and he forgets his usual disgust for humanity. It’s always a nice moment, but it doesn’t last long.

We had some big problems with these last two weddings – although hopefully nothing that the guests noticed. It all came down to lack of attention from the coordinator who did the bookings, which is immensely frustrating and embarrassing when you’re trying to give the clients the best experience. We put the event together on the basis of the information she gives us, and when that information is wrong… Well, she wasn’t even there to deal with it.

That is one of the weirdest things about our venue: I’ve never worked in another venue where the person who fosters the whole booking right through to the event date then just disappears and washes their hands of the booking on the most crucial day. Everywhere else that I’ve worked, there was a clear expectation that the salesperson was also involved in (and understood) the operation of the event. It’s actually very important. It stops you from promising the client that you can hang that heavy thing in a spot where there’s no structural support, and gives you a better chance of remembering that flippant comment three months ago about the fact they hate frosted tea light votives. I wasn’t there for that comment, but you can bet that I don’t want to get it wrong.

Of course, every bride expects us to have every piece of information that they ever discussed with their coordinator. It means that we often have to exercise a bit of psychic power. But I’d prefer it if the coordinator was there to answer the questions and/or deal with the crisis so we didn’t have to guess.

That’s all.

Now back to my kitty pile.


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