The last assignment for my course is due this week. Since I’ve been a bit busy with work (and had a couple days off sick too) I figured it was no big thing to ask for another extension. I have some days off booked next week, and there will be more time to get some writing done.

I got the answer today… denied. Aw crap. Now I have a bit over two days (and I’m at work on both of those days) to write a 10-page report that I haven’t even started. In fact, I hadn’t even cracked open a book to start researching for it. Double crap.

It meant that, after getting that email, I cut short my planned day out at the section planting trees. Only got 5 trees planted this morning. It was disappointing, but at least now I’ve read some texts and have some kind of vague idea of what I need to be writing about.

Which also means that I should probably cut the blogging short tonight and try to focus on my boring coursework instead. That will teach me for procrastinating and thinking I could get away with it.

I will be so glad when this course is over…


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