Well, (after having about 4 hours sleep last night) I rushed home from work today and pushed to get that last assignment done. Submitted it just short of the midnight deadline, and then crashed out asleep.

I am soooo glad that course is finished. The texts were boring, the assignments vague, and there seemed to be so little point to any of it. I’ll be happy if I never see another Gantt chart for as long as I live.

I have two weddings to do over the coming weekend. Two long, hard days at work, and then it’s Labour Day. Starting from Labour Day, I’ve taken four days off. We’re going to see Lamb of God on Wednesday, as our first anniversary present to ourselves, so I deliberately took the days either side of that too. Tuesday will mean that I don’t feel rushed (and that I might be able to do my nails), and Thursday I may be hungover.

The weather is beautiful (unlike last weekend), and I feel like I can already see the other side of Sunday. Things feel settled and serene… for the first time in ages, really…

Lamb of God released a new song just a few days ago, but I’m not going to link to it here. Instead, I’m going to share their story of why the song got written. It’s a story about fortitude – pushing on through adversity, and living and dying on your own terms. A heavy subject for a Saturday morning, but an inspiring video all the same…


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