Saturday down and just one more wedding to do. I really want to just curl up with my husband right now, but I have sewing to do…

It’s a long story. I don’t sew.

Well, ok. I do sew, but only under duress. I can take up a hem or replace a button. I can mend a torn seam. But only simple hand sewing. It’s not like I can follow a pattern or take in a pair of pants or darn anything.

My mother is an amazing seamstress (it’s her career) and despite spending years watching her work, I’m the person who managed to sew my own thumb into a garment during sewing class at school. I mean, I ran it right under the machine and drove the needle right through my thumbnail. And it hurt… It was then that I realized that the sewing gene had clearly skipped a generation, and that there was at least one subject at school which I would fail miserably.

Anyway, it’s been very windy at work lately, and I now have drapes to mend before the wedding tomorrow. Not regular drapes, you understand – it’s the long, floaty, chiffon ones that people hang outdoors at weddings.

Yeah. They don’t stand up to wind all that well.

So now it’s midnight and there is sewing to do… Sigh.

Be an Event Manager, they said. Glamorous and inspiring, they said… Well, I guess there is diversity. How many jobs are there where you have to know how to clean audio contacts, arrange flowers, fix a toilet, make a white russian, and sew up a 10 meter drape all in one day?

I was better at the toilet.


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