Vicious Tendencies

The slow parade of mystery irises continues. I think this is Alpine Spring. It’s bluer than it looks in the photo.

After my big weekend of weddings, the cats were concerned that it was 6am and I wasn’t awake and feeding them. So this was my view from the couch at around dawn:

They then thanked me for breakfast by going outside and killing… a budgie. By the time I found it, it was just a scattering of blue feathers and a head. Where they found a budgie, I don’t know. There are caged birds that escape and sometimes create little wild populations, so I’m hoping it was something like that and that they didn’t just sneak into a neighbor’s house and destroy one of their pets. Little monsters.

After my adventures with pruning all of the landlord’s roses a few weeks back, they have thanked me with a huge display of spring blooms. Even the climbing roses around the deck (which have been woody and spindly and full of leaves and ill-mannered for two years) are showing a lot of promise. There are buds everywhere. I get the feeling that I’m going to have to prune them hard again soon in order to prevent a massive explosion of growth over summer. They are a pretty shade of vivid pink, but I actually really dislike these roses on account of their location and their tendency to grab and scratch anyone who tries to get to the front door. A bit of Round Up would solve the problem, but I think we wouldn’t get our bond back from the rental agency.


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