As anticipated, we needed Thursday to recover from all the running around on Wednesday. It was a day of nothing but naps and grocery shopping and DVDs of Seinfeld. Getting old sucks.

However, I will make a little note of the fact that my passionfruit vine is flowering like crazy and promising a good harvest of fruit this summer. That will be a nice change from last year, when we got nothing.

I adore passionfruit, and not just because the flowers (above) look like something from an alien world. If you live in a warm enough location, the fruit are about as perfect as can be: sweet, juicy, fun to pop open right off the vine. Like dessert on a plant. I will definitely plant one (or five) at the new section as soon as I have some kind of support for them to climb. The downside is that they hate frost, so if you get an unseasonable cold snap during spring, you can pretty much kiss the fruit goodbye.

However, this year the vine is helpfully climbing up our covered deck – possibly supplanting the annoying roses as well as providing itself with cover from the cold.

We got the new build date for the house today as well: delivery will be in April. So we will still be here through the summer. And we’ll get to eat these passionfruit.


And somehow we’ll also have to figure out how to pay both rent and a mortgage throughout this whole period without crippling ourselves financially. Somehow.




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