Despite the fact that it’s October (nearly November) there’s been a southerly raging up the country this weekend and it’s been freezing cold. I don’t have much else to say about that.

The fact is, I’ve had three nights in a row with around 6 hours of sleep each night. It’s enough that I don’t fall over in a heap, but compounded it’s not enough to make me feel well or together anything other than exhausted. I have Tuesday off, so I will once again probably end up spending my day off sleeping rather than gardening or doing anything else productive. And I won’t feel much better by the end of it – it will be like I never slept at all. I used to have much more stamina for this kind of crap.

The doctors have decided that the lesions in my thyroid have changed a bit but it doesn’t look suspicious and probably isn’t cancer. This is good, but as I feared earlier, leaves me with a feeling of being wiped out and no real answers as to why. My doctor is trialing me on some new medication, which seems to be doing nothing at all, but I have to stay on it for two months before they can be sure. I’ve been going through a similar cycle of medical guesswork for about 7 years now. It sucks and so far has seemed to provide few answers and little relief. Since going on thyroid replacement hormones I stopped bleeding from my mucous membranes, so I guess there’s that.

I just wish I could feel awake again. Someday.


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