Summer is Coming

Again, as anticipated, Wednesday was only really productive because we managed to spend some time up at the section. My husband attacked the mountains of weeds with his new brush cutter, while I kept planting.

It’s seriously starting to feel like the planting is neverending. I still have a large collection of about 80 plants in pots out by our back door, waiting to get big enough to be taken to their new home. And then there are all the plants in our current garden that I brought from our old house and want to move on to the new one. Hydrangeas, kniphofia, magnolias, heucheras, eucomis, amaryllis, acanthus, liriope, various ferns, various herbs, seemingly endless bulbs, all those irises… Most of these will now have to wait until autumn before I can dig them up. And since we’ve now got our new build dates for the house (delivery will be in April), that timing actually works.

In the meantime (and rather late) I’ve continued to move across the summer flowering canna and calla lilies before they get too big. My calla bulbs have been going for a few years now, and most are large and healthy and as big as my fist. They always put on a spectacular show through the summer months. My canna lilies are a new addition this season – an unusual, bold, pink, canna iridiflora that grows along the roadside in places around this area, and is always very striking.

As spring wanes into summer there’s not much left at the new section that’s in flower, but what I am seeing is a lot of new growth and a lot of new promise for the months ahead. Possibly a bit boring to photograph for a blog post, but it’s making me very happy all the same.

Canna lilies already in bud, with newly planted avocado trees behind
Calla bulbs already sending up shoots
Nectarine tree, much happier now that I got rid of all the leaf curl
Apricot tree, which stubbornly refused to bud up while it was in a planter bag, now putting on new leaves just two weeks after being planted in the ground
Potatoes… so many potatoes…




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