It’s a change. A nice change. I went to work today and my husband went up to the new section and cut the grass. I think that’s possibly the first time that something has happened at the section without my involvement. He helps out where he can but he is normally not a gardener.

He has a very good excuse: terrible hayfever. I’ll admit that I don’t really understand hayfever (how can you be allergic to the air?) but it makes him miserable and snotty throughout this time of year. Every second word is punctuated with a sniff. Sometimes it even brings on a rash. As for the new stuff we’ve planted, I’ve deliberately tried to pick trees which don’t create masses of pollen. And eventually there will be very little grass… because what’s the point of a lawn anyway? We don’t play sports in our front yard, so we have little need for a large expanse of grass.

Considering his allergies, it’s actually a wonder that my husband tolerates my gardening habit as much as he does. He could just insist that we concrete the whole yard, but then I think our marriage wouldn’t have lasted this long.


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