Back to Work

The kitties did wake my up at 6:45, but I could tell there was no real urgency. My husband had already left for work, so he would have fed them early. This time, their snuggles and efforts to press wet noses against my ear were more for the sake of keeping warm than warding off the hunger pangs.

That’s one wedding down (out of two this weekend). It was a nice event overall but I am worn out and not looking forward to another long day. This is just a taste of Jan-Feb though, when we stack 4 or 5 weddings into every week and I become like a walking zombie.

I will hopefully have more to say in a couple of days, but in the meantime I’m just exhausted. My legs are sore (despite the knee brace and compression socks). My brain feels like it hasn’t slept in days (despite some decent sleep lately). If my thyroid was working properly then I wouldn’t feel so washed out, but we all have to take life as it comes.

Now. Back to work.


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