Why, oh why did I put myself on the roster for Sunday?

I actually have to get organised for the week ahead. Now that wedding season has started, I need to do a stocktake every week and make sure I order the right kind of booze and table linen and decorations for the week ahead. You know: boring shit. Mercury tea light votives and other vitally important shit. But I’ve also just worked 35 hours on my feet in 3 days and I’m thinking that doing the orders on Monday morning would still be okay… Except for the linen, that order has to be in by 2pm Sunday. And Coca-Cola, who need it by 5pm Sunday. And the coffee, and… oh fuck, I didn’t win the lottery this week so I really do have to go to work again.

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if I could pay the mortgage by just growing my garden and raising a few chickens? Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way (yet), so until that big lottery win comes my way I am stuck on the roster for Sunday.

Bloody Coke order better turn up on time this week.



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