Well, that’s the thing about elections, isn’t it? Despite all the polls, you never really know what will happen on the day. Perhaps it was a sign when the hibiscus I bought (which was meant to be pale yellow) bloomed a vivid shade of red and orange.

I have friends on both sides of the aisle. Some were always going to vote Republican, whether or not the liked Trump. Some were always going to vote Democrat, whether or not they liked Hillary. What has been most interesting over the past few months is the sense of dismay that many of them revealed – largely along the lines of “Really? This is the best candidate you can give us to go up against that POS?” Hatred of the opposition seemed to be a stronger motivator than any affection for their own party.

But then, there were others who liked Trump. I’ve never been able to figure out that quandary for myself (in the 30+ years that I’ve been aware of his existence, he has always seemed to be a creepy and duplicitous individual to me) but these were the people who seemed to be both the most vicious and the least able to explain why. Possibly the best justification I’ve heard is from people saying that he’s a good businessman… but then I think we’re both looking at the same business and coming away with very different opinions of his abilities. Those who attacked Trump in my presence largely did so with humor, and I was quick to turn away from anything more nasty than that. But those who defended him seemed to lack a sense of humor that flowed the other way. Out of everyone I have encountered, they were the ones who took this election seriously.

Some friends have now come back online to mourn, while others have come to gloat. Either way, it’s ugly and sad… and that is possibly the best outcome we could have expected from an entire election cycle that was both ugly and sad.

2016 began with the shock death of David Bowie, and then Prince. It brought us Brexit. It has so far been the year of “Surprise!!! Things are way worse than they seem!”

And I want it to be over. Because I want to go back to feeling good again.

I guess that’s all anyone wanted from this election in the first place.



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