Thinking about the future

Was anyone else hoping that the conclusion of the election would finally put an end to seeing these same faces on the news day after day? How’s that working out for you? Can we please start focusing on the holiday season now, and just go back to ignoring these people like we used to?

I have one more large event (of four) to complete this week. 12-13 hours a piece, and then back on Monday to have meetings and do my orders and pretend to be awake. All I can really think about is Tuesday, when I have my next day off and I can hopefully get back into the garden and won’t spend the whole day asleep (which is the more likely scenario). That’s life right now: long shifts at work and lots of daydreaming about all of the summer garden prep that’s getting away from me. For whatever reason, getting tomatoes into the ground is much more important to me than the election.

Weirdly enough, it’s probably the same basic drive that pushed the election in the first place. I started planting a vegetable garden several years ago, when the recession hit and I got made redundant. I needed to ensure that we wouldn’t go hungry, and the one thing I had available to me was time. Within a year, I had expanded out to planting pretty flowers too, just because they made me happy in a tough time.

And it was really that simple: I was anxious about our future, so I started a garden… Now I’m just anxious about not doing enough gardening. It’s probably more a matter of distraction than self-preservation right now, but that anxiety about the future still sits in the background.




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