One of my grand schemes for the new section is to make use of the frost-less-ness of coastal Auckland and plant a tropical garden right outside the dining room. This is assuming that I can keep the wind away while it gets established.

As it happens, earlier this year I found a woman who occasionally lists tropical plants on Trade Me. When I went to pick up my last purchase from her, I discovered that she’s an elderly woman with cataracts and a vast, sprawling collection of tropicals that she grows in greenhouses and shade houses all over her property. They are all nominally for sale, but she only ever has time to list a few online. Upon discovering this treasure trove in South Auckland, I decided that the next time I visited her I would bring more cash.

So, on a very rainy Tuesday, that’s what I did.

We wandered around her garden until we were both soaked to the bone. She seemed to mind even less than I did. I came away with a large banana palm, a frangipani, a pineapple, a fig tree, taro, yacon, sugar cane, and tillandsia. I feel it has been a very successful Tuesday overall.

Now Wednesday will be a planting day. Not that I mind.


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