Bills Are Evil

See, if I didn’t take pictures of stuff like this, nobody would believe that the cats eat our bills.

That’s Eva, and our quarterly Council Rates bill – which fortunately I had just set up for payment shortly before she decided to destroy it. Our cats have always had this very odd habit of chewing up paper and cardboard. They don’t actually eat it – they just quietly and meticulously tear it into little bits and toss it all over the room. I’ve never had a cat with this habit before, but all of these three siblings do the same thing. Perhaps they just really like confetti so resort to making their own. It would be more annoying if it wasn’t so cute and hilarious.

In the end, the wind convinced me not to go planting trees today. Instead, I stayed home and planted seedlings and did some weeding. I know there will be another property inspection in early December, so it’s probably a good idea to knock the weeds back now before they get away from us. The trees still need to go in the ground though, so I will need to find some time in between my crazy schedule of events and no sleep.

… And speaking of that. I just realized that I have to go to work an hour and a half earlier than I thought on Thursday. Because conferences.

Well, so much for sleep.


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