15 Hours

15 hours on my feet at work was a bit much.

It felt okay at the time – it always does. It felt okay as I left and walked to my car. It felt okay on the drive home.

But getting out of the car was tough. Sitting in one position for 20 minutes was enough to petrify my muscles into solidity.

I was sensible and decided to sleep before I did my blog. I have to do two of these long events in a row. Anything I write will make more sense if I do it while I sit here with my morning coffee. But every movement is tough this morning. I am having to lower myself carefully into a chair like an 80-year-old. And in another hour I need to be standing and moving and smiling through another round.

Such is life. And this is why I miss my garden on busy weeks. I just wish there was more time…


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