Missing Time

At least, after the second round of crazy-long events this week, I got to come home to a husband and pets who missed me. My husband was briefly happy and sympathetic, watching an episode of Seinfeld with me before he had to go to bed himself. While Scrappy and Eva alternated between the climb-on-your-torso-purring-headbutting-and-licking-your-face type of cuddles, and the more gentle curl-up-next-to-you-and-clean-myself cuddles. Eva also throws in the here’s-my-butthole show of appreciation, just to mix things up a bit. It is nice to feel wanted.

After this weekend, I am beyond sore. My gut is in pieces again, and my legs shake when I stand on them. It’s like I’ve suddenly got really, really old…

And all I can think about is getting back into the garden again on Tuesday. Hopefully it is not sheeting down with rain again this time. Hopefully I can get those fruit trees in the ground. Hopefully I will have more vegetable seedlings to plant out.

Hopefully I don’t just spend the whole day sore and asleep…


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