On the 6th day after planting them, there is definitely germination happening in my little seed pellets now. From the top, that’s Rocket (L), Stock (R), Black Turtle Beans (middle row), and Sunflowers (bottom). It’s quite bizarre how excited I am about this.

Part of this excitement actually comes from the fact that I’ve been wholly unable to find a seed packet for Black Turtle Beans in New Zealand… so I just bought a large bag of dry beans from the local grocery store and planted some of those. And sure enough, they are germinating. If I want a bumper crop of beans, I now have thousands more that I can plant for much the same price as buying a little seed packet of 10-20 beans at a garden store. Next I will try this with chickpeas and kidney beans and some different varieties of sunflowers. Maybe even peanuts. Why not?

After what has seemed like an impossibly busy work week (with so many more to come as summer progresses), I am relishing the chance to get back into planting.



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