Planting Out

So just two weeks after crossing my fingers and planting a few dry black beans that I got from the grocery store, here’s how those beans look today:


I’m rather unnaturally excited about this.

It was warm but overcast – a good day to be outside – but the cloud burned off at about 2:30 and I had to come inside by 3pm as it was just too hot. My shoulders are a little pink for my trouble, but not painful.

I actually spent most of the day prepping the bed and building a frame to support them. I went over the bed and weeded it again (it was done last week), then dug a bit deeper to break up the soil, added compost and fertilizer (not too much, beans don’t need much), and finished my planting with a scatter of snail bait. Snails are a constant problem at this time of year, so if I didn’t protect my seedlings then I’d come back tomorrow to find nothing but bean stumps.

For the frame I used some old trellis panels, which I zip-tied together and then zip-tied to the fence. I need a very tall structure that’s strong enough to withstand the wind, but temporary enough that I can easily remove it when we leave this property. I wove some old clothesline wire back and forth across between the panels, and I will add stakes or cut branches to give the beans something vertical to climb. I’m still debating whether I go for the ordinary bamboo stake look, or whether I do a more rustic/Blair Witch frame like I’ve done for my tomatoes:


I’m sure that the property manager doesn’t like the Blair-Witch frames, but they can’t really point to that and complain that I’m not pruning…



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