Of course, when I finally stirred at 7am, all of the kitties attacked me. It is Breakfast Time with a capital B. Gomez did his unnatural smoochy thing with a big stripe of kitty litter dust right down his nose. I don’t really understand what he does in the litter box, but somehow he often comes out with warpaint on his face. It’s like he’s rolling around in the friggin’ stuff.

It is another summer day, full of the promise of sunburn and prickly heat. After rushing to water most of our trees before work yesterday, there is still more watering to do. There are still more vegetable seedlings to get into the ground. There are still new seeds to sow. And there is endless weeding ahead.

Unfortunately there is also no shade at the new section. I mean none. At least we now have our little shed, but it will be only minimal respite from the sun. Eventually, if we can keep these trees alive long enough, they will give us a bit of shelter from the wild heat of an Auckland summer.

And then I will be able to move my shade garden, above. I will be able to relocate my hostas and heucheras and liriope. I will take the hydrangeas, and astelias, and acanthus, and liguarias. The Mexican orange blossom. The Canterbury bells. All the ferns.

But for today… well, maybe I will just come home at around lunch time and find some shade.


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