Catching a Break

Well, I promised myself that I’d get pictures of the pohutukawa starting to bloom, and all signs are that they will not disappoint us this Christmas. Here’s that early flush of red that I was writing about last week.

Naturally, my single day off (before the brief Christmas break) was spent in the garden. There were vegetable seedlings that were well overdue for transplanting, and yet more weeding to do. Moving the plants now will mean that we should have some decent rocket, lettuce and kale for salads later this week. Husband and I even got some time to sit on the deck with a drink and enjoy the sunshine.

A quick check on the new section proved that it’s ticking along happily now that we’ve had a bit of rain, and it even offered up a few strawberries and boysenberries. Something (possibly a rabbit?) has dug up and tried eating my tulip bulbs, but they obviously didn’t prove too palatable and I got all but one of them replanted again.

And lastly, I have another job interview on Friday… So not a bad day overall…



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