I know this post is very late. I started a post and then scrapped it. Then I got distracted by a job interview by phone (which went well, so here’s hoping). Then I had my list of stuff still to do for Christmas. Time just got away on me…

I’m beginning to suspect that when you’re working right up to the last minute before Christmas, you lose all enthusiasm for it. Having a big luncheon party seems like a hassle right now. And then there’s gifts, and decorations, and tidying up the house. If we were celebrating some decent holiday time then it makes sense to make home feel nice, but really we’re just adding a bunch of extra work to an already full week. It makes me wonder why we bother.

On the plus side, I started harvesting my garlic on the summer solstice this week. And look what garlic it is!

I put the trowel  (with the inch/cm markings) next to it, so you can see how monstrous this bulb really is. It’s as big as my fist! There will be much garlic bread to come…

Just in time for Christmas lunch.


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