I know this post is very late. I started a post and then scrapped it. Then I got distracted by a job interview by phone (which went well, so here’s hoping). Then I had my list of stuff still to do for Christmas. Time just got away on me…

I’m beginning to suspect that when you’re working right up to the last minute before Christmas, you lose all enthusiasm for it. Having a big luncheon party seems like a hassle right now. And then there’s gifts, and decorations, and tidying up the house. If we were celebrating some decent holiday time then it makes sense to make home feel nice, but really we’re just adding a bunch of extra work to an already full week. It makes me wonder why we bother.

On the plus side, I started harvesting my garlic on the summer solstice this week. And look what garlic it is!

I put the trowel  (with the inch/cm markings) next to it, so you can see how monstrous this bulb really is. It’s as big as my fist! There will be much garlic bread to come…

Just in time for Christmas lunch.


All I want for Christmas…

Hmm… It is tricky to write a blog when the Internet is down. Not the whole Internet  (obviously), just our provider. So I have to resort to using the data plan on my smartphone. And pecking out a paragraph very slowly.

Truthfully I just collapsed asleep on the couch, in all my work clothes, after the third big event in a row. I woke up a 6am to the kitties batting my face, and teeth that feel like they’re melting. Whoops.

And now I have to drag myself up and go back to work again. Because conferences. 

Can’t I just stay home and play in my garden? Pretty please? It’s nearly Christmas and all I want is more sleep and some time to do weeding. 

And to have the Internet back again. That would be helpful.

But Not Today

Following on from yesterday… that day is not today.

If I’d had just 2 more hours of sleep, then I’d be okay. But instead it was a late night at work followed by an early morning (conferences!). There’s not much else I can say. My brain is at a standstill. The clients are happy but my body is literally shaking with fatigue.

Once again, I will come back to this…


The last assignment for my course is due this week. Since I’ve been a bit busy with work (and had a couple days off sick too) I figured it was no big thing to ask for another extension. I have some days off booked next week, and there will be more time to get some writing done.

I got the answer today… denied. Aw crap. Now I have a bit over two days (and I’m at work on both of those days) to write a 10-page report that I haven’t even started. In fact, I hadn’t even cracked open a book to start researching for it. Double crap.

It meant that, after getting that email, I cut short my planned day out at the section planting trees. Only got 5 trees planted this morning. It was disappointing, but at least now I’ve read some texts and have some kind of vague idea of what I need to be writing about.

Which also means that I should probably cut the blogging short tonight and try to focus on my boring coursework instead. That will teach me for procrastinating and thinking I could get away with it.

I will be so glad when this course is over…

Final Stretch

Oof. I came home from work early so that I could keep working on my assignment.

Just realised I’ve been writing for 10 hours.

Aaaand… I’m still not done. I’m close. I’d better be, since it’s due tomorrow. There is one large chunk of this assignment still left to do. And that bit is a revision of an earlier bit. I’m feeling more confident about this assignment in general, as I think I’m starting to get a better feel for what the lecturer is looking for. However, the marking schedule looks tricky, and I think I’m still easily 30 marks off the pace.

I don’t have 10 hours to spare tomorrow. I will be home after 5pm, and I absolutely must get it submitted before midnight.

But sleep is calling. Gentle, soft, embracing sleep.

We shall see what tomorrow holds…

The End of Weddings

I just changed my profile picture on Facebook. Because it’s nearly one year on from our wedding and I figured the bridal photo was starting to look a little crazy.

Is there a rule for that? How long do you hang onto a wedding picture as your public profile? It’s one party in the course of your whole life. And I don’t look like that every day.

What I replaced it with was a picture of me with a silly expression and no make-up. My husband liked it. Quite a few other friends also apparently liked it. And it drew comments from a couple of old friends who fit the category of: guys-who-once-tried-to-be-more-than-friends-with-me-and-ever-since-have-made-me-a-bit-uncomfortable-so-I-avoid-them. Maybe they liked it more than the wedding picture. They weren’t invited to our wedding, although I have other guy-friends who were. It is hard to maintain a friendship with someone when you’re wondering if they ever really enjoyed hanging out with you, or if they were just filling in time with the hope of it moving onto something more. Some people are totally fine with being friends and some people push boundaries inappropriately.

However, my consciousness about hanging onto wedding photos reminded me of this video, which I saw earlier this week:

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It was just a brief excursion to work for Father’s Day. Enough to run a highlighter through the fact that my voice is still pretty croaky from my swollen throat. I had to keep telling people that it wasn’t contagious.

However, after two days of near-idleness, Monday is to be my day of digging. Hopefully.

I have potatoes and yams that are well past their ideal planting time. As well as strawberries, boysenberries, raspberries, rhubarb, garlic, shallots… well lots of things that have missed their planting window, really. It was rather hard to get motivated after the mortgage fell apart and my work got busy again.

Regardless, my hope is that the garden is forgiving and the warm winters will allow for a longer growing season next year anyway. Or at least that the garden is forgiving.



So we’re back to this.

I’m seriously mentally stuck. Too tired to find a topic, too stubborn to give up.

So what could I address? Many years ago, I learned the importance of taking the time each day to find something new to be grateful for. So how about gratitude for all the past week has brought? I saw my 3-year-old nephew for the first time in over a year. That was a lot of fun, even though he wore me out by insisting on being dragged around the kitchen floor like it was a fun slide. We have sold Trucky (although I’m yet to see the money). I made an excellent Moroccan lamb dish for dinner. We’ve made good progress on the house stuff, and things are moving along again. And there was a car accident outside of Hamilton on Friday night, where two cars were apparently racing each other on the highway before one collided with an oncoming van. Four people died… I’d driven that stretch of road about 20 minutes earlier, on the way home from my parent’s place, so I’m hoping it’s ok to be grateful that I didn’t leave 20 minutes later and end up wearing a Skyline full of kids.

Is that selfish? The fact is that they still died. But I’m thankful that it wasn’t me.

If it’s not too lame, I’m not grateful for anything else as much as I’m grateful for my husband. Just sharing some time cuddling on the couch can make my whole day better.

It’s not a new thing, but it makes every day feel that way, so hopefully there’s a lot more of that to come.